The HoverCam range of visualisers, the Solo 8 and Ultra 8, are state of the art document cameras that are also multifunctional visualisers, unlike Elmo, Avervision, Genee and Epson visualisers. With Scanning, full HD video at 30 frames per second, and 8 megapixel sensors, both the Ultra 8 and Solo 8 document cameras surpass the likes of Lumens Document cameras due to exceptional software and award winning features. Solo 8 connects via USB while the Ultra 8 can also connect via HDMI and VGA.

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From demonstrating practical skills or experiments safely to an entire class, to annotating over a microscope slide on an interactive board, the HoverCam range offers incredible features to bring Science to life.

Slow Motion video (to show an experiment happening slowly), or time lapse video (to speed up processes such as seed germination, liquid crystallisation or bacteria forming in a petri dish), add to pupils’ understanding of processes.

Instead of purchasing both a standard visualiser and a separate Microscope camera at additional expense, the HoverCam range can fulfil both tasks at a fraction of the total combined cost.

And if you need to look at cell measurement, it can even have its’ focus locked on an eyepiece graticule, so you can view both the graticule and the slide below. Then being able to annotate over this on an interactive board takes learning to another level altogether.

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